Pinterest Articles

The following articles have been included in the comments section of the Pinterest module, but I thought they were interesting and relevant enough to put front and center for everyone to see.

A Pinterest Contest

Twenty ways in which libraries are using Pinterest.

Enjoy learning!


Congratulations on making it through the hardest weeks. Getting started and getting into a routine was your first accomplishment. It was anticipated that the Finding Modules would be the most challenging. You should be proud. There’s no stopping you now! We look forward to knowing you better with your collections through Pinterest and Delicious. Enjoy your play time! :) Lori


Feel free to work through the program at your own pace, but here is a suggested timeline to make sure we are all on track:

Week 1: March 5 – Launch! + Blogging
Week 2: March 12 – Finding: Pipes + Podcast Ally
Week 3: March 19 – Collecting: Pinterest (+ Delicious optional)
Week 4: March 25 – Catch Up / Play Week
Week 5: April 2 – Sharing: Twitter (+ Screencast optional)
Week 6: April 9 – Collaborating: Skype
Week 7: April 16 – Collaborating: Prezi
Week 8: April 23 – Conclusion / Final Reflection for Participants

Greetings, BPL!

Hey there!

Welcome to Opening Doors to the Future, a Learning 2.0 site created for staff at the Bethlehem Public Library in Delmar, New York.

My name is Marti, and I’m just one of the eight San Jose State University MLIS students that will be working with you over the next few weeks.  You can find out more about me – and the rest of us – as well as this program on the About page.  We will mainly be using the blog on the main page of this site to communicate with you throughout our time together.

For now, I invite you to poke around the site and get comfortable.  Then, go to Blast Off!  This will help you get set up with a blog where you’ll write reflections on your experiences here and learn and discover with your colleagues.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask! Post questions in the comment box near the bottom of this main page. Many of you may have the same question and we’re all in the business of connecting questions with answers. If you need an immediate response please E-mail Diane.