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In case anyone is interested in taking part in the vote, you have until 5:00 pm  EDT March 30.  Even if you miss the vote, these are some interesting boards on the topic of the future of Librarianship.  Take a look! Lori


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Catch Up/Play Week

Hi Everyone!

We’re now into week 4 and hope you’ve learned something interesting, made a new discovery, or even just got re-acquianted with a social media tool you used before.  But, if you were slow to start, we also wanted to remind you that this week is scheduled for catch up and play.   So, you can use this time to find out what you’ve been missing, or, if you’ve been involved from the start, to further explore anything you found particularly interesting.  The point here is to explore and enjoy learning something new.

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Hey gang!

I realized there may have been some confusion on the “Fellow Traveler’s” page – the links that were originally there went to the blog’s RSS feed.  I’ve edited it so that you can see the blog by clicking on the link, and I’ve provided the RSS feed link in parentheses.  That way you can still add people to your RSS feed manager of choice.

I hope you’re all enjoying Week 3 – and I don’t know about you, but the weather out here in South Dakota is getting marvelous.


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Pinterest Articles

The following articles have been included in the comments section of the Pinterest module, but I thought they were interesting and relevant enough to put front and center for everyone to see.

A Pinterest Contest

Twenty ways in which libraries are using Pinterest.

Enjoy learning!

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Congratulations on making it through the hardest weeks. Getting started and getting into a routine was your first accomplishment. It was anticipated that the Finding Modules would be the most challenging. You should be proud. There’s no stopping you now! We look forward to knowing you better with your collections through Pinterest and Delicious. Enjoy your play time! :) Lori

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Feel free to work through the program at your own pace, but here is a suggested timeline to make sure we are all on track:

Week 1: March 5 – Launch! + Blogging
Week 2: March 12 – Finding: Pipes + Podcast Ally
Week 3: March 19 – Collecting: Pinterest (+ Delicious optional)
Week 4: March 25 – Catch Up / Play Week
Week 5: April 2 – Sharing: Twitter (+ Screencast optional)
Week 6: April 9 – Collaborating: Skype
Week 7: April 16 – Collaborating: Prezi
Week 8: April 23 – Conclusion / Final Reflection for Participants

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