Congratulations!  You’ve reached the eighth and concluding week of Opening Doors to the Future.  Whether you’ve been following the schedule, or going more at your own pace, we hope you’ve all learned something, made some discoveries, become more confident handling new technology, and enjoyed yourselves.  While the whole point here was to help you explore and try new things (and we hope you will continue and encourage others to do so), this has been a learning experience for us, also.  Sharing your experiences has given us valuable insight that will help us do an even better job of providing instruction on social media to still others.  In fact, reading your blogs and seeing your interest is much like when a patron thanks you for turning them on to a new author or when you see a young patron get excited over a book you show them.  We hope you’ll share a little more with us in the final blog for this week (or even a little after), but also that you will continue exploring beyond the program, encouraging others to do likewise, and opening new doors to the future.  On behalf of Marti, Sarah, Shannon, Allison, Diane, Lori, Binh, and myself, Paul, thank you!

Week 7: A Continuation

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, folks! We realize that school was just released for the summer and that the youth librarians are busily working on ways to occupy young minds. So, thankfully, Week 7 is a continuation of last week: exploring Prezi and Skype. As a group, we’ve been enjoying reading your blogs and following your discoveries. Please keep up the excellent work, feedback, and continue to ask questions as they come up. Enjoy!

Welcome to week 6 of Opening Doors to the Future! We will be exploring the collaboration tools Skype and Prezi this week. You will learn new modes of communication, sharing, and presenting information through these Web 2.0 tools. You are almost done, and should give yourselves a round of applause for nearing the completion mark! Keep up the great work, and remember to share your discoveries with your co-workers.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons by Brenderous

Welcome to week 5! This week we are moving into “sharing” where we learn some new tools for communicating and involving our patrons: Twitter and Screencasting. These tools allow us to create and participate in conversations, share knowledge, and provide easier access to services, programs, and information. You are in the homestretch now so have fun exploring these modules, play around, and most importantly share your knowledge!

In case anyone is interested in taking part in the vote, you have until 5:00 pm  EDT March 30.  Even if you miss the vote, these are some interesting boards on the topic of the future of Librarianship.  Take a look! Lori

Hi Everyone!

We’re now into week 4 and hope you’ve learned something interesting, made a new discovery, or even just got re-acquianted with a social media tool you used before.  But, if you were slow to start, we also wanted to remind you that this week is scheduled for catch up and play.   So, you can use this time to find out what you’ve been missing, or, if you’ve been involved from the start, to further explore anything you found particularly interesting.  The point here is to explore and enjoy learning something new.

Hey gang!

I realized there may have been some confusion on the “Fellow Traveler’s” page – the links that were originally there went to the blog’s RSS feed.  I’ve edited it so that you can see the blog by clicking on the link, and I’ve provided the RSS feed link in parentheses.  That way you can still add people to your RSS feed manager of choice.

I hope you’re all enjoying Week 3 – and I don’t know about you, but the weather out here in South Dakota is getting marvelous.